harmony over balance


Balance is a myth. Aiming for balance is a surefire way to feel like a perpetual loser because there just aren't that many hours in the day to check off all the life-domain boxes.

Every day (or evening prior to the day if I'm lucky) I make my schedule in hopes of striking the right balance of personal and art making/art business tasks and every day, I miss the mark. I end up either soaking up way too much self-care (mid-day masks on the 'gram) or falling back into my over-caffeinated workaholic ways (the effing nerve of me).

Most days, the intense hour-by-hour planning and scheduling is a fail and quite frankly not compatible with the life I want.

If balance is your mark. You will miss it. Every, Single. Time. 

Life is way too big, beautiful and messy for balance. 

Aim for harmony.

Harmony is better and it allows for way more mid-day skin-care masks.

in love and art,