I Left New York City for Atlanta


Cats out the bag. I left New York City for Atlanta.

Although my move officially happened a couple of months ago, It still really feels a bit unreal. I still kind of feel like I’m away house-sitting for a friend of a friend and that I’ll be back in New York City complaining about alternate-side-of-the-street parking or the shit show that is the MTA any minute now.

Needless to say, I miss New York City. But, Atlanta is home for now.

I’m settling in and getting used to all the friggin’ amenities in my apartment complex (side note: these amenities - parking spot, salt water pool, gym, washer and dryer in my apartment - are really basic for Atlanta but for a New Yorker they equal UPGRADE BIH).

No, but seriously. I left New York City for Atlanta because math.

I quit my six-figure salary day job back in September 2016 and commenced living a wonderfully abundant and stress-free life full of traveling, collaborating, and making art. Things were good. But some days, I still found myself on edge and anxious about the money draining out of my bank account each month to cover my $1835 monthly rent plus other expenses totaling around $3000 a month (basically, I don’t make a full-time living selling art...someday...but not today). Thankfully, my public health research, evaluation, and planning reputation keeps a steady hum of clients and contracts in my inbox so had I chosen to stay in NYC I’m sure I would have been fine. But still, math and my sanity.

I honestly wanted more for myself and my art practice. I knew I needed more breathing room physically and metaphorically to expand my art practice and my thoughts about what’s possible for me in and through my art and my business. I didn’t want to waste my life minutes anxious about next month’s rent or falling back into my workaholic ways with all the public health client working coming my way.

I wanted simplicity, ease, and peace.

So I left New York City for Atlanta.

Atlanta isn’t perfect and truthfully, I probably won’t be here long but for now, it’s home. It’s peaceful. I have space (like 2 bedrooms + 2 bathrooms + a friggin’ laundry room! +  an outside of the home studio now). And, most importantly, it costs less to live here. There’s less financial burden and psychological burden. I’m no longer anxious about the rent. I have a manageable load of public health client work that takes up 10-15 hours a week and that covers my entire life and then some. I can make my art in peace and in community (more on my outside of the house studio later).

I have no idea what the future holds here in Atlanta, but I’m wide open and ready to see what unfolds.

Wanna see my new place? Come on over to Instagram. Hit the “home” circle in my Highlights.

In art and love,