basil kincaid

Basil Kincaid

basil kincaid 2.png

Instead of squirreling this incredible artwork away and promising myself to whip up a tidy blog post soonish, I'm sharing it now. Basil Kincaid's work seized my attention today and for that I'm grateful. Good art will do that to you sometimes. It will seize your attention and get you focusing on what's most important. 

Creative entrepreneurship is taking it's toll on me emotionally, mentally and spiritually. I question even if I'm cut out to do any of this. Is my work good enough? How will I make money? Should I just get a full time job now instead of later? What the hell am I doing trying to be a full-time artist at 36 (soon to be 37 in a few short days)? I feel sick most days.

But then I take some deep breaths and get back to my work. Underneath all the uncertainty I'm feeling, I really do believe that I can do this, that I can figure out how to live a full and fully supported creative life.

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in love and art,