ruby onyinyechi amanze

ruby onyinyechi amanze
ruby onyinyechi amnaze - bridged.jpg

I love it when I stumbled upon artwork that makes me stop, stare, and think and if it includes assemblage (collage) of any kind, I am pretty much smitten. The work of ruby onyinyechi amanze (lowercase: artist's preference) definitely has me smitten and contemplating the importance of space - empty space, negative space, breathing space - in telling a story. She describes here ongoing series aliens, hybrids and ghosts as...

"Exisiting somewhere between constructed reality, fantasy, memory and imagination, these creatures and their adventures reflect the layered experiences of people who live in-between worlds and whose fluid identity is not grounded in a singular geography or permanence-based, notion of home. In this space, creatures find authenticity, wholeness and freedom in their ability to simultaneously belong nowhere and everywhere. In this world, they play."

Aaaah PLAY! Now that's my kind of world. What about you? Share your thoughts on ruby onyinyechi amanze's work in the comments, I would love to hear them.

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