Sunday Summary: Creative Entrepreneurship Uncensored


It's midday and I'm sitting in my home studio checking things off my to do list like a BOSS! Because, well, I am the boss now. I'm officially a full-time artist and creative entrepreneur (yep, I wanna throw up and cry tears of joy right now).


I know, crazy pants.

I gave my notice on July 26th (and submitted my official letter on July 27th).  My last day in the office was September 2nd. August was one big emotional blur. The hardest part of quitting wasn't the actual quitting part, it was the long process of reconciling my feelings about my decade long public health career and saying goodbye to all my friends and colleagues part.

Lots of tears...most of them happy.

Now that I am officially settled into the grove of working from home and for myself, I can get back to writing and sharing some of the finest works of art I can find and see up close. 

Don't worry, I plan to share this crazy beautiful creative entrepreneurial journey I am on as well. Each week, I take to Facebook Live to share the week's happenings - the uncensored version of quitting a secure six-figure day job and diving head and heart first into entrepreneurship. You can catch up here - Sunday Summary - and watch weekly on Facebook Live at 9pm EST.

Do join me!

in art and love,