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30 Days of Printing by Hand

30 Days of Printing by Hand Artwork Blog

For 2016, one of my goals is to complete six 30-days creative challenges learning new things and improving other things. In January, I spent 30 days drawing because rendering objects and people realistically confounds me. I wanted the practice. I needed the practice. And after 30 days, I still need the practice LOL.  My resistance to drawing, however, is gone and I have 30 days of showing up to the blank page and sharing my marks to thank for it.

In March, I reconnected with and rekindled an old flame. Collage propelled me down a whole new road of storytelling, taking my art practice in a new and exciting direction. More on that later. In the meantime, you can view all the collages here and purchase a few soon. Got any favorites? I would love to know what you think. 

May starts in a few days and so does the next 30 Days Creative Challenge. YAY!!
I'm looking forward to exploring with all types of stamping objects - food, found objects and of course stamps carved from linoleum blocks! The beautiful thing about challenges and play, nothing is off limits. The freedom to explore and see what happens is what I love about these 30 days creative challenges the most. No rules, and only one expectation - to grow.

I would love for you to join me for all or part of the 30 Days of Painting by Hand challenge. You can do all the days, some of the days or even just one of the days. Your inner kid will love you for it.

To help get you started and keep you motivated to keep making, I made an artsy little guide, a daily tracker and a handy dandy checklist of all the supplies you'll need. If you've signed up to take the FREE Gratitude Daily Course or are a member of the Artwork Community then check your in-box for the goods.  If you want your 30 Days of Printing by Hands Challenge Guide and Tracker, click the button.

Have you ever tried your hand at stamping by hand (HA)? Tell me all about it.

In Art and Love,