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I saw this beauty up close recently at the MET Breuer and one word - OMAHGAWD! Just breathtaking. Mr. Marshall's uber black figures are like magnets - they hook your gaze and pull you in! It's all intentional according to Marshall.

In an article I recently read of on ARTNews, Mr. Marshall remarked:

“There needs, at some point,” he said in his MCA talk, “to be a critical mass of images in the museum that have [black figures in them], so that when you go there…[i]t’s not something that is the exception to the rule, it’s part of what you always expect to see. That’s success to me.”

Artist on a mission. #dope #gamechanger #boss #IwannabedrivenlikeMarshall Ok, I will quit the hashtaggery and leave you will a few more of brilliant works of art made by Kerry James Marshall.

kerry james marshall.jpg

A major museum survey of Mr. Marshall's work is currently on view at the Museum of Contemporary Art Chicago (MCA) and will be heading to NYC's Metropolitan Museum of Art this fall (YAY **emoji praise hands**) followed by a final show at the Museum of Contemporary Art Los Angeles in the spring of 2017. If you're anywhere near those cities, RUN don't walk to see Marshall's gorgeous and heavy work.

in art and love,

p.s. special thanks to my bestie who joined me at MET Breuer and snapped the picture of me ooohing and aaaahing Marshall's work.