you have what you're ready to have

Collage of the Month June Mockup web.jpg

You have what you're ready to have. These are the words that floated through my mind while working earlier today in my home studio. On the one hand, I'm like crap that's not nice. I want and deserve more for myself, my art practice and business. Why can't I have all that I want now, like right now. Why aren't the invitations to show my work near and far rolling in? Why isn't my studio bursting with the energy of happy artist assistants. Why am I not on a call right now with Ava talking art direction for her newest super secret film? Bih where's my check!?

On the other hand, I'm like oh yeah that sounds about right. Those are some of the truest words I've ever heard becuase If I'm being really honest with myself, I'm not quit ready. Am I getting ready? YES. But right now though, I'm content. I'm letting these words - you have what you're ready to have -  compel me to sink deeply into my art practice, my ideas, the genius within me, and be my companion as I ready myself for more. 

in love and art,

image: june's collage of the month: "i will not give up ever"