Cuba Polaroid Project

I couldn't have done this without YOU. The Cuba Polaroid Project (CPP) is a dream coming true. Thank you for helping me make it happen. You may share the images and use them in your own personal creative projects. If you make something with them, I would love to see. If you're interested in exhibiting the originals or enlarged reproductions or know someone who might want to, please e-mail me at THANKS!



Video No. 1 - the sights and sounds just outside of the airport
Video No. 2 - me talking from a back of a taxi (basically InstaStory withdrawal)
Video No. 3 - old havana from the back of a tiny scooter taxi (with the perfect soundtrack!)
Video No. 4 - twilight ride from the back of pink vintage taxi
Video No. 5 - water pipes being installed one block from José Martí's house
Video No. 6 - live music (if you don't watch any video, watch this one)
Video No. 7 - taxi ride and lots of street scenes
Video No. 8 - a man with a really old camera (I meant to say his grandfather not father)
Video No. 9 - see some art
Video No. 10 - see some more art
Video No. 11 - listen to some live Cuban trap music (trap music starts around 45 seconds) 
Video No. 12 - the cutest old man band
Video No. 13 - Santa Maria, the most beautiful beach
Video No. 14 - me on the last day of shooting Polaroids