T e s t i m o n i a l s

Christa David's work is prophetic. Mapping trails from from the intellect to the spirit, her work offers messages both from the past and future. Christa's collage work transcends time providing a window to the spiritual realm, she creates visual odes to ancestors both living and dead. This offering is powerfully demonstrated in her works inspired by James Baldwin. She masterfully weaves a tapestry of social and political commentary into each piece, which many viewers of African descent experience as a respite, a validation, a seeing, a knowing. Christa's paintings offer an abstract reflection of the thoughts that pass through us all. Her works add depth to exhibitions and light to every home. — Jasmine G.

Beware of the Single Story. It's Only Half the Truth.png
After the Scramble.png
The Road Back Home.png

It's really rare that I see a piece of art that really speaks to me and stirs my soul and this one did just that. Thanks for following your dream and helping to fill the world with beauty. You're a bright light that I'm thankful to bask in.

— Onyi N.

Christa is one of the deepest, bravest, most challenging artists I follow. This one was like an arrow straight to my heart. Her work is incredible & her insight into the natures & work of creating has taught me so much. She's certainly one of the artists I'd most like to meet/learn from someday, but for now I'll simply share her with all of you. Give her work a look see, & be dazzled. You're welcome.

— Hopestill Studio