friday favorites

Friday Favorites


It's Fridaaaaaaayyyy. Yasss! You made it. Don't think about Monday, stay in the moment and let the weekend wash over you.

This weekend I will be taking in all the gorgeous sun that is fixin' to hit New York City. I plan to take longs walks, snaps some pictures, get a pedicure, and hang some art in my newly configured living room.  Oh, and yes, make art! Last weekend's trip to the museum still has me reeling and my creative juices flowing. 

How about you? What's on deck for your beautiful weekend?

Here are my Friday Favorites found round-the-Internets. I hope they inspire you to create or at least take a walk! 

painterly, printable jam labels // super cute and no paint required.
diy abstract painted ring holder // a simple painterly diy to try.
: illustrated cities // i'm planning my vacation now!
: painterly picture frames // a simple way to level-up any gallery wall.
: make some pop art // so much FUN! here's my take on it. 
: artsy + art for your ear // my two FAVORITE art podcasts. 

In Art and Love,

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